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Leased Line Services - Offering a Broad Range of Leased Line Internet Services


U.S. Colocation Services has over three decades of combined experience interfacing information technology with internal and external networking. Our mission is to provide our customers with state of the art equipment at affordable pricing structures with unprecedented customer service.

The company vision is built around the concept that it is people that are the users of technology and not the other way around. We have an informed, responsive, technical support team that works directly with our customers with the immediacy that they demand to keep all aspects of their colocation needs in focus. Most support issues are resolved in minutes or hours as opposed to days or weeks. This timely address keeps the system functioning with speed and efficiency thus decreasing our overhead and allowing us the ability to pass the value on to the customer.

How do we do it? By keeping it simple and thinking ahead. Colocation services are in huge demand. Fiber optics, new hardware and high band width availability are essential in today's business market. We know that it is people that make the difference between automation and actual response and we organize our teams accordingly. This approach coupled with the fact that we own our network allows us the ability to optimize our business model and pass the efficiency on to the customer. Integrity in business is our creed. Get a quote and see how we can help you bank on your business.